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Using Your CliftonStrengths During a Time of Crisis

This Webinar was facilitated by Scott Geddis for the Chair Academy sponsored virtual professional development session.

You have taken your CliftonStrengths Assessment and have your “top 5”. You may have attended a Strengths Workshop helping you better understand the assessment and your results. But now how can you apply your talents, as described in your CliftonStrengths Report, to real life situations. The world is in crisis right now. How can you best utilize your strengths to reduce stress, to manage your new world and to support others during these trying times.

This session provides opportunity to:

  • Review the CliftonStrengths assessment and your results.

  • Explore how your individual themes of talent can support you during times of crisis.

  • Discuss ways you can help others reach their potential through use of their strengths.

  • Discover ways you can create strengths-based collaboration to impact your team, your work, your family and your relationships. If you would like to explore how you can better apply your CliftonStrengths Themes of Talent to your day to day life, this is the webinar for you!

Handouts and resources for this webinar may be found at: Inspired-Engagement


Scott Geddis is the founder of Inspired Engagement, a consulting firm dedicated to inspiring engagement by facilitating significant, sustainable strengths-based change within individuals and organizations. Scott recently retired after 40 years as a Phoenix College Faculty member, is a current member of the Chair Academy facilitation team, a Certified Gallup CliftonStrengths Coach, and is certified as a DiSC, Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams, and Appreciative Inquiry facilitator.

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