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How well do you know yourself?

Warren Bennis, author of the best-selling book, On Becoming a Leader, tells us that “to become an effective leader, we must know the world as well as we know ourselves.”

Knowing ourselves means appreciating that:

  • We are our own best teacher

  • We accept responsibility

  • We can learn anything we want to learn

  • And, true understanding comes from reflecting on our own experiences.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How motivated am I to lead and interact with others?

  2. Am I confident and trustworthy?

  3. How do my actions and priorities reflect my values?

  4. Do I learn from past experiences and seek out new ones?

  5. How do I adjust to new people and situations?

  6. How open am I to feedback?

Knowing yourself builds confidence, helps you find your voice, and inspires authentic leadership.

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