Literature of Leadership -March Book Review


Lisette Sutherland (Author), Kirsten Janene-Nelson (Author), Jurgen Appelo (Foreword) (2018, Kindle Edition)​

Higher education leaders often manage relationships with individuals and/or teams who work or teach at a distance—across multiple campuses, as telecommuters, etc. Whether working as a remote worker or as a manager of remote teams, purposeful strategies are needed to ensure high performance and results. As the title suggests, Work Together Anywhere is a handbook on how to thrive in a remote workplace. The authors advance a bright picture of the possibilities that remote working offers employers and individuals; as well as the strategies, tools and techniques that enable effective performance.

This book is designed to appeal to a broad audience—from individuals interested in learning more about the concept of remote working, to experienced remote workers seeking tips and tools to improve their experience, to managers of remote teams looking to cultivate camaraderie, agility, and collaboration. The materials presented are grounded in information gleaned from interviews conducted with numerous subject matter experts, as well as from a review of relevant literature. The Kindle version of this book includes hyperlinks to downloadable “EXTRAS” that are available on the authors’ website, such as tips for individuals seeking remote employment, a “cheat sheet” for employers on what to look for when interviewing for remote positions, guidelines for online meetings, links to relevant resources, as well as networking opportunities via weekly Podcasts, a Blog, and e-newsletter.

While the tips, tools and resources are very instructive, the book is what it claims to be—a “handbook” by design with considerable repetition throughout. If this topic interests you, consider exploring the information and resources available on the website first at

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