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Expanded Leader Wellness through the Advanced Science of Self-Health

Candace A Croft & Keith L Smith -The Science of Leadership Conference Workshop

"Expanded Leader Wellness through the Advanced Science of Self-Health"

Presented by Candace A Croft, PhD, Founding Executive, Tabankhu and SoulNinja™ Mastery and Keith L Smith, MA, MBA, EdD, Vice-President, Purdue University

Work is often fast-paced and stressful. We encounter negativity that challenges our ability to stay grounded and centered, depletes drive, destroys self-confidence, and erodes health. Every state of health is a matter of energy. Leaders often attend to team health, yet neglect their own. An unhealthy leader cannot inspire a healthy team. This time focuses on you, the leader as self-health coach. Learn simple, fun, and effective strategies to communicate with your inner healer/coach, align with a state of authentic wholeness, and enjoy greater self-health, wellness, and life/leadership mastery.


Conference Skill-Building Workshops are included in the Southern Charm rate. For Conference participants attending at the daily rate, Conference workshops are available for an additional $150.

To register for the Science of Leadership conference, visit:

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