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Clarity Builds Alignment

Today’s Leadership Minute focuses on the research from The Work of Leaders, stating, “when communicating with others, it is important to deliver a rationale, structured message.”

Many times, leaders have difficulty translating great ideas into words. They struggle to stay on topic or fail to relate their most important points. If people can’t imagine or understand the vision, how can we expect to appeal to shared aspirations and enlist others for support.

Regarding clarity, think about your behavioral continuum and your tendencies when exploring and communicating vision.

• Are you more likely to offer intuition or explain rationale?

People who offer intuition tend to communicate with personal feelings and opinions than with facts and logic. Those who explain with rationale communicate the reasoning and facts behind an idea or decision.

• Do you provide impromptu or structured messaging?

Impromptu messaging tends to lack the investment of energy in organizing thoughts before they are spoken. Structure messaging prioritizes organization of ideas, making it easier for others to understand.

Clear communicators think their message all the way through, preparing them to explain the reasoning behind their thoughts. Remember, when people understand the message, they can more easily buy-in.

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