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Leadership Tip - Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day (for those who forgot, you are welcome). Valentine's Day is normally considered as a day for love, chocolate, and flowers. However, believe it or not, there are many leadership lessons around this day that you may not be aware of.

What comes with the thought of Valentine's Day? L.O.V.E

Let's break down this word into characteristics of a leader.

L - Listen: No matter who they are, your love ones or your employees, everybody needs to be heard. Taking your time to listen to their voice will encourage more creativity and productivity in their work. Showing that you pay attention to their voice is showing you value their work.

O - Open: A true leader is the one has genuine open-door policy. Beside being approachable, you also should open your mind to new ideas, suggestions, or feedback.

V - Value: Are you a values-based leader? Does your style of leadership reflect a selfless attitude? Great leaders show employees that they are valued and appreciated. When your employees feel valued, they work more productive, hole themselves accountable, and less likely to leave.

E - Empowerment: Include your team in decision making, give the space and role that capitalizes their expertise, strengths, and judgement. As a result, empower your team will increase their individual worth and commitment.

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