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Managing People

How well do you lead and manage your people?

That’s the focus of this Leadership Minute.

One of my favorite leadership quotes comes from Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last. He states, “Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge.”

Your most valuable assets are the people who work with you. If you have difficulty relating to your employees, or they view you as having little interest in their well-being and development, you probably will not receive their best effort. Several keys will determine whether you are successful at managing your team.

  • Developing Relationships. Take time each day for inquiry and insight.

  • Encouraging Feedback. Help people feel valued and heard.

  • Be a Mentor. identify those who possess leadership potential and serve as their mentor.

  • Communicate, Praise, Acknowledge. Look for opportunities to recognize team members and Encourage the Heart.

  • Be Positive. If you complain constantly about students, late deliveries, low budgets, or the performance of your team, your attitude will spread quickly among your team. Model the Way, even in the most difficult times.

For more tip, tools, and strategies for leading and managing others, engage in one of the Academy’s Leadership Development Programs.

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