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The Purpose Of Reflection

In this Leadership Minute, let’s review the Purpose of Reflection.

Reflective practice has become an essential component of continued professional development, as it integrates thought and action with critical thinking.

As leaders, it is important for us to actively look back on situations, experiences, and surroundings to gain understandings of how historical, social, cultural, and personal involvements contribute to knowledge and practice. The reflective process allows us to identify our strengths, as well as weaknesses, and requires developing a set of skills for problem-solving…. all designed to align strategies for improvement.

Consider incorporating the following strategies: • Be Curious – Question what, why, and how you do things • Open your mind to new ideas and seek alternatives • Compare and Contrast, and view experiences and situations from a variety of perspectives • Ask for ideas and viewpoints, and consider consequences • Question “What if…?” then synthesize and test • Seek a framework for resolving problems

Remember, reflective practice is a conscious, deliberate, and ordered process, and should be thought of as a learning tool in our professional development.

To learn more about the reflective process, as well as the benefits from being a reflective practitioner, register for one of the Academy’s Leadership Development Programs found on our website,

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