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Work-Life Balance

Today’s Leadership Minute, Work-Life Balance: Are you the leader in your life?

When we think of integrating our busy personal and professional lives, the focus of our attention tends to shift toward seeking balance. Maybe if we do a little less of one thing, we can apply that time and energy to something else. For working professionals, balance may be a figment of our imagination.

As leaders, your extraordinary commitment to excellence and success requires significant attention and energy. At times, work will be your number one priority; other times, family and friends will take precedence; and yet, there are times when self-renewal and development take a front seat. Few among us can live life as proportionate as we’d like – allowing equal measures of time, effort, and energy to work, family, and play.

The question to ask yourself is this, “Do you choose to have life lead you, or do you choose to be the leader in your life?”

In Monday Morning Choices, David Cottrell suggests that “on any given Monday we get to choose the values we live by, the actions we intend to take, and our relationships.”

• What choices will you make on Monday that will govern your week?

• Are these choices to enrich your life and the lives of those around you, or deplete you and those near to you?

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