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Tip #56: “Outsight”

“Outsight” is a new way of thinking; it is the opposite of learning by self-reflection. The process of outsight encourages you to explore different project and activities, interact with different kinds of people, and experiment with new ways of getting things done; then, you observe the results of your actions. The “outsight” you gain from your observations and new ways of acting will slowly begin to change the way you think about your work and yourself.

The process goes something like this…..start by doing; reflect on the experience; rethink yourself and the possibilities; GROW!

An example: Ford recently introduced their new delivery robot, Digit-1, who may be delivering packages to your home in the near future. After viewing the video, “Delivery Robot Walks Like a Human,” reflect on what you are envisioning for the future with your team, department, or at your college. Does it spark some “outsight” ideas for you?

Click on the video link to view: “The Delivery Robot Walks like a Human.”

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