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This Leadership Minutes explores the topic of Change.

The change process seems to be the subject of ongoing criticism, as it often focuses on correcting perceived weaknesses or problems, emphasizing the negative aspects instead of inspiring the possibilities. Considerable research and many books have contributed to this topic, outlining factors that highlight reasons for our unwillingness to change.

Research has shown that 70% of all change initiatives fail, leading to lost investment, customer dissatisfaction, workplace cynicism, and eroded trust. While most leaders are highly experienced with change, many are far less experienced with change done right. In the article, The Neuroscience of Leadership, Jeffrey Schwartz and David Rock state, “Organizational change is unexpectedly difficult because it provokes sensations of physiological discomfort.” They reveal that in organizations 33% of employees do not support change and 39% resist change initiatives.

Change, however, is an essential part of evolving; it develops a framework, mindset, and capacity to deal with what we sense will be our new reality.

Change impacts all of us. Take a moment and reflect on what contributes to your ability and/or willingness to change.

To continue the conversation about what excites and concerns you about the change process, I encourage you to participate in one of our leadership development programs found on our website,

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