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Leadership and the Holidays

You have worked hard all year, and your team members have leveraged their talents to accomplish goals and objectives. As the leader, take the time this holiday season to value your team, acknowledging the great job they are doing and praising the achievements from the year’s past.

Lead by example and model the right behavior. Get out of your office and walk around to be in conversations with your team. Ask them how they are doing and what you can do to further support their growth and development in the new year. Be humble, respectful and grateful.

Leaders bring out the best in their people and teams, as well as care about their happiness and well-being. They empower their people by establishing accountability in a trusting environment. As you reflect on 2019, remember all the good. And as you look to 2020, find new ways to inspire a positive, collaborative and inclusive team culture.

Check out this week leadership poem, "Leadership Matters!" by Seema Chowdhury.

1. Help your organization succeed and drive growth and profitability above all.

2. Have a strong desire for innovation and develop a climate of creativity.

3. Measure your progress, learn systematic management, and build a connection between organizational processes.

4. Create a value from the resources you already have and see what you can do to make things better.

5. Success can be challenging to achieve at times, try to understand everything around you and tap into unused talents.

6. Walk the talk, think big, have fresh ideas, and model the desired behaviour.

7. Lead your way to success, determine your own direction, make an impact, and remember Leadership Matters!

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