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2020 Workplace Lessons

A recent Gallup article by Ryan Pendell caught my attention. It looks back on our challenging year and identifies 2020 as “the year the workplace changed forever.” Leaders were forced to reimagine every aspect of their organizational culture, from safety measures to work-from-home strategies to online resources and endless conference calls. As we learned to navigate 2020, we faced tough realities, made transformative decisions, and discovered new performance potentials.

Pendell reveals Gallup’s top seven workplace insights from this year.

  1. Remote workers can have higher engagement than in-office workers—when they receive frequent feedback from their manager.

  2. Employee engagement is an even stronger predictor of performance during tough economic times.

  3. Management has a stronger influence on burnout that hours worked.

  4. Most performance management systems are too slow and rigid to handle an uncertain, ever-changing marketplace.

  5. Although leaders may fear being micromanagers, most employees receive far too little feedback—and even those who receive negative feedback would prefer to get more.

  6. If your employees don’t know what makes your brand unique, your customers won’t either.

  7. Workplace burnout is reduced to near zero among engaged employees with high wellbeing who also work in a culture that honors individual strengths.

As you reflect on 2020, consider the essentials for performance, the impact of personal wellbeing in the workplace, and the importance of organizational core values.

Read the article in its entirety and contemplate on their impact in your work environment.

Wishing you a safe, healthy, and happy new year.

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