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Tip 82: Create a Feedback Culture

How would you feel if a colleague asked, “Can I give you some feedback?” It might cause tension, fear, anxiety or defensiveness. Research shows that only 26% of the feedback people receive is effective.

What if you were asked, “Can you give me some feedback?” Stated this way, it would most likely create an atmosphere of trust in which feedback is processed and exchanged effectively.

According to Chris Musser, a Talent Lead at Gallup, “Creating a feedback-rich environment – encouraging people to ask for feedback rather than offer it - drives productivity and increases employee engagement.” Here are some reasons why:

  • It builds a two-way street.

  • It separates facts from feelings.

  • It sets personal parameters.

  • It deactivates the fight-or-flight response.

Asking for feedback is a powerful approach to personal development; it demonstrates the care that everyone needs to feel engaged and inspired. Leaders can set the example. Show your team how it’s done by creating a habit of asking for feedback rather than offering it.

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