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Tip 84: Managing Remote Workers

Are you asking the right questions to team members working remotely? Effective managers tailor their questions to better understand and engage team members during one-on-one discussions. As you reflect on your recent online team meetings and follow up communications, how are you meeting the unique needs of each person?

Consider the following questions in your upcoming online conversations:

  1. Outside of work, how are you doing?

  2. What ways do you disconnect from work? What strategies have worked best?

  3. How do prioritize your day? Your projects?

  4. What can I do during our one-on-one conversations to better support you?

  5. How can we provide and/or gather information in a more effective way?

  6. In what ways can we improve our team communications and collaborations?

  7. As you work remotely, what have you enjoyed most? What has been challenging?

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