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Tip 86: Helping Your Team Stay Well During COVID-19

During these stressful times and moments of uncertainty, leaders can implement strategies that help their teams maintain health and well-being. Here are some thoughts as you lead forward.

  • Transparency and information are key. Share the truth and be upfront about how this pandemic will impact employment and available resources. Using any format available.

  • Manage expectations. As priorities are adjusted during this transition, productivity will change. Be proactive and discuss the challenges and struggles employees are experiencing.

  • Encourage ongoing, real-time communications. Identify the subtle cues associated with higher-than-normal levels of stress, anxiety and disengagement.

  • Be aware of employee and team burnout. Remote work does not mean nonstop work. Check-in with your colleagues and encourage them to take-breaks, as well as log in and out with normal, in-person office schedules.

  • Include social interactions during your team and online interactions. Work environments are social places, not just work-focused buildings. Start virtual meetings with updates on family, friends and activities. Provide opportunities for your team members to share how they are coping with their new reality.

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