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Tip 94: Avoiding Burnout

Long workdays, chronic stress and prolonged overload are some of the common factors contributing to burnout. While there is no quick fixes, leaders can make changes to their ingrained behaviors, patterns and practices to limit or avoid burnout culprits.

What can you change to avoid burnout? Start small and incorporate more along the way.

  1. Reflect and identify healthier work-life balance habits. Take breaks and practice calming techniques.

  2. Take control of our time and manage your energy. Find ways for productive delegation.

  3. Communicate realistic expectations, for yourself and with your team.

  4. Connect with peers and colleagues for support, including useful information and helpful solutions.

  5. Reconnect with what motivates you. Regain your sense of meaning at work.

To read more about this week’s Leadership Tip, click on the article link for ways to help prevent burnout at work.

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