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Tip 95: Joy at work

Dr. Deming, a scholar and teacher in American academia for more than half a century, is remembered most for transforming Japan into a formidable business competitor through his management and leadership practice. This week’s leadership tip focuses on Dr. Deming's advice on how leaders enable joy at work. According to Dr. Deming, " To have it [joy], people must understand what their jobs are, how their work fits in, and how they can contribute. Why am I doing this? Whom do I depend on? Who depends on me? When people understand what their jobs are, they may take joy in their work. Otherwise, I think they cannot."

Take time to reflect on the questions posed by Dr. Deming.

  • What are your responses?

  • How do you help your team members finding clarity within their roles and responsibilities?

  • What would happen if everyone on your team, and in your organization, knew the answers to these questions?

Click on this week’s article link: Dr. Deming on Joy of Work, Innovation and Leadership.

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