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Tip 98: Virtual Meeting Fatigue

How many different webcam apps are you currently using? Zoom. Microsoft Teams. Google Hangouts. GoToMeeting. WebEx. There are numerous options available for you to stay in touch with your colleagues, teams, organizations, and families. And even though these tools were designed to make our life and work easier - helping us communicate, collaborate, and connect so we are participative, proactive, and productive - we find ourselves experiencing virtual fatigue.

Webcams and virtual apps have become a vital part of our social existence. How can we effectively apply these useful tools with our teams and avoid burnout?

  • Keep meetings short and focused. Communicate in short bursts.

  • Plan for engagement, collaborations, and breakout sessions. Feedback energizes people.

  • Vary the view on your screen – gallery and speaker views. Share your screen when reviewing agendas, timelines, documents, etc.

  • Choice the right tool for your conversation; use the phone for one-on-one conversations and send an email when you don’t need to meet.

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