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Tip 99: Transitioning Back to the Workplace

Transitions are about change, and for some, disruptions. Regardless of the specifics to your organization’s transition back in the workplace, your team will shift their way of working to adjust to the new normal. During these times, it is important for leaders to be flexible and adapt to current situations. Have a plan and a clear narrative for executing your transition back to the office.

Reflect on the following questions:

  • What did you learn from your transition to working remotely that can be applied to transitioning back to your work environment?

  • Do your team members have a way to communicate their transition preferences?

  • Timing is important. Will team members transition simultaneously or separately, and what is the specific date you expect everyone to be back in their workplace?

  • What will the new normal look and feel like? What changes are expected?

  • How will success be measured during this transition?

Consider these strategies for executing the transition:

  • Clearly communicate the specifics of the transition early to get an understanding of team concerns. Ease your team into these discussions.

  • Clarify expectations during the transition and set expectations for the new normal.

  • Define what is most important during the transition. Describe a successful transition.

Explore the Returning to Work Handbook for additional reflections and strategies.

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