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Tip 101: Change Your Perspective

As leaders, we bring our leadership perspective to our team and projects. Because of this, we can get lost in our own views. Leaders must see more and see differently so they can help their teams see missed opportunities and overcome challenges. How can we become adept at changing our leadership perspective and learn to build new and different perspectives to achieve better results?

Kevin Eikenberry’s article, The Power of Changing Your Perspective, lists a three-step process for viewing any situation more fully to help your team make a more informed decision.

  1. Select a perspective. Pick a different lens to look at the world through and create a new perspective. Consider these practical suggestions: your students, team member, customer, colleague, community, supervisor, leader, and/or family member.

  2. Take that perspective. Pick one and be specific. Live in their thoughts, spending time thinking about what they would see, think, feel, and question. Reflect on these insights.

  3. Share that perspective. Reveal your purpose and process, and share what you saw, heard, and felt from that perspective. Empower others to contribute to this process.

To read Eikenberry’s full article, click on this week’s leadership tip link. The Power of Consciously Changing Your Perspective

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