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Tip 103: Reclaim Balance

As leaders we are constantly juggling heavy workloads, managing relationships and family responsibilities, and trying to squeeze in outside interests. It probably comes as no surprise that one in four people describe themselves as “super-stressed.” While some stress can help us perform as our best and move us forward, over time stress depletes our concentration, harms our relationships, and weakens our immune systems. With all we have going on in our lives, how can we achieve a healthy work/life balance? Balance is attainable, generating the rewards of a more aligned, productive, stable, and happy environment. What are some practical steps for reclaiming balance?

At Work:

  • Set manageable goals each day. Divide large projects into smaller tasks.

  • Ask for and create a flexible schedule. Flexibility increases productivity and loyalty.

  • Take small breaks during the day to clear your head so you can return to concentration.

  • Communicate openly and clearly. Actively listen without assumptions or judgment.

  • Give yourself a break by acknowledging you are doing the best you can.

At Home:

  • Unplug from work and technology. Recognize your need for personal time.

  • Divide and conquer, sharing home responsibilities and tasks.

  • Don’t overcommit. Learn to say to no to the things that are not a priority.

  • Ask for support from, and offer support to, family and friends.

  • Listen to your body. Make time for your physical and mental health needs.

  • Take advantage of your organization’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

The pursuit of a healthy work/life balance is not an impossible goal. It does take a focused and mindful effort to loosen the grip of stress and regain balance.

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