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Tip 113: Transitioning

Transitions and transitioning are an important part of leading forward. Just as we transitioned from office work environments to remote work environments, so too are we transitioning to a new way of thinking, working, leading, and doing business. According to William Bridges, “All transitions begin with an ending and end with a beginning.”

Consider your leadership approach during these transitions. How have you stayed positive, motivated yourself and others, and contributed to a culture of innovation? In what ways have you pivoted with purpose?

Effective leaders approach transitions by evaluating internal goals, identifying external assets and partnerships, and leveraging the talents and capabilities of the team. Charting a new way forward requires a change in focus – from survival to recovery. A leader’s agility could be the difference between their team successfully pivoting and slowly perishing.

Read Gallup’s article, Innovation in a Downturn: Pivot or Perish, for more information of how leaders and organizations thrive during transition.

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