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Tip 115: Employee Wellbeing

Take a moment to reflect on a statement from Gallup’s article, “Take Care of Your People and They Will Take Care of Your Business.” It reads, “Some have called this time a ‘new normal,’ but considering the pace of change, the term ‘now normal’ might be more apt.”

Leaders are working feverishly to manage serious revenue, expense, and productivity issues, but in this new “next normal” phase, leaders must invest in protecting their organization’s survival – which is their employee’s wellbeing. Gallup’s research shows that wellbeing is eroding amid the pandemic with 60% of Americans reporting significant stress and worry. But wellbeing is more than physical wellness and includes other critical elements-- career, social, financial, and community wellbeing.

As organizations continue to struggle, consider how you can position yourself and your team for success by pausing and focusing on these elements. Addressing employee needs and adapting wellbeing strategies can have an enormous effect on performance and growth. Leaders can help strengthen employee wellness, creating and cultivating a more resilient and engaged culture.

To learn more, read Gallup’s full article. Take Care of Your People, and They'll Take Care of Business