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Green Leadership Style

A recent study from Science Direct found that an increase in environmentally sustainable practices within an organization has influenced employees' pro-environmental behavior and led to overall performance growth. Which leads to the question, What is a Green Leadership Style? 

A Green Leadership Style takes on an environmentally friendly approach to success within an organization. For example, Green leadership takes on the active initiative to not only demonstrate sustainable approaches but also enhances the knowledge of their employees. Here are a few examples of actions you can take in your office to become a better Green Leader. 

  1. Label recycling Bins for easy use. 

  2. Your team can save money by conserving energy in the office by turning off lights. 

  3. Switch to a more digitized work style to save on the cost of paper. This also promotes efficiency within the office through a more cohesive and streamlined process. 

  4. Setting up water stations to increase the usage of reusable cups.

  5. Supporting working from home days to cut down on emissions and office space utility energy

Many employees are motivated when they witness their leaders taking environmentally friendly approaches in their workspace. As a result, individuals are much more likely to take a familiar approach. As a leader you are not only inspiring your employees but you are also taking a positive action towards the environment and your work space costs.


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