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Literature of Leadership - All Are Welcome

ALL ARE WELCOME: How to Build a Real Workplace Culture of Inclusion That Delivers Results. Cynthia Owyoung. (2022, Kindle Edition)

In recent years, organizations have increasingly recognized the importance of fostering and sustaining a workplace culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). If your organization’s goal is to develop a real culture of inclusion and diversity in the workplace through the application of sound change management methods, proven leadership practices, and innovative strategies from the field, then this book is for you.

All Are Welcome is authored by Cynthia Owyoung, Robinhood’s Vice President of Inclusion, Equity and Belonging, and a recognized thought leader in the field. From her perspective, every organization is unique with its own identity and many variables. Therefore, this book presents a playbook—a general road map with guiding principles—that can be applied in any situational context and for use by leaders at any level with a desire to drive change.

Throughout the eight chapters of the book, the author presents a well-defined and structured approach to developing and implementing a DEIB strategy and plan as an integral component of the corporate strategy. Some of the topics and content areas covered include:

  • Defining and scoping the nature of the DEIB issues at hand

  • Conducting a DEIB audit to assess target audiences and related issues

  • Developing a business case for transformational change

  • Establishing a change management framework and stakeholder engagement strategy

  • Formulating working groups to develop and implement inclusive strategies

  • Creating a roll-out plan as well as risk-mitigation strategies

  • Measuring performance progress and success

  • Exploring high impact models with promise for the future (e.g., applying design thinking to DEIB)

Each chapter includes a review of core concepts and principles pertaining to the topic addressed, relevant models and templates, exercises to aid in their application, as well as a summary of key takeaways. This is a resource book well worth the read.

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