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Literature of Leadership - Leverage Change

LEVERAGE CHANGE: 8 Ways to Achieve Faster, Easier, Better Results. Robert W. Jake Jacobs. (2021, Kindle Edition)

Change is hard, and leading change is hard work. Wouldn't it be great if there were a systematic way to achieve your desired results faster, with fewer problems and more success? There is. It’s called Leverage Change. In this book, organizational change expert Robert “Jake” Jacobs describes a new approach to change through the use of leverage: taking smart, strategic actions that generate large, positive impact.

Eight (8) high impact strategies, called “levers”, are presented that provide tried-and-true remedies structured around 8 common problems in achieving desired change. The common problems provide a road map for identifying which levers to put into play first. The “levers” trigger ideas for actions that offer the greatest positive impact within the situational context. The levers can be applied alone, or in any combination; and are designed to be applied to any change, anywhere, at any time, and by anyone. In brief, the 8 common problems (abridged) and associated levers include:

Chapters 1 through 8 explain the levers, starting with a description of a common problem in change and the associated lever to address it, followed by details on how the lever leads to improved results, success factors to consider in its application, as well as how to gauge impact. The final two chapters explain the foundations of the Leverage Change approach and offer practical tips and advice in its application.

Read this book to discover the few smart actions that will make the biggest difference to achieving the change you desire. A valuable book for change leaders at all levels!

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