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The Languages of Appreciation in Workplace

Workplace languages of appreciation describe the ways in which workers experience value and appreciation at work. Identifying these five qualities in your team can encourage better communication, boost morale, and enhance productivity. 

Dr. Gary Chapman, a psychologist-anthropologist and the author of “The five love Languages.”  is the inspiration for this novel application. When working towards identifying your language of appreciation, ask yourself what makes you feel valued, as well as how you prefer to express value to your teammates. As a team leader, identify what kinds of behaviors your individual team members react favorably to. 

Words of Affirmation in the Workplace can be demonstrated through an email, post-it note or verbally. Giving direct verbal feedback may be difficult to demonstrate for team members that do not enjoy this language of appreciation, therefore an email may make translating their appreciation much easier. Instead of opting for a  language of appreciation we are more comfortable with, it is important to remember that we gain a deeper connection by interacting with others in the way they feel most appreciation. 

Acts of service in the workplace can be identified through team members that actively take the initiative to relieve the workload of others. Small tasks such as helping print documents or making a coffee when they have a large project due can all assist in communicating through their language of appreciation.

Receiving gifts in the workplace can make a team member feel valued, and this can be especially true when the gift is selected with intention. A card of appreciation or an item they’ve mentioned during small discussions are great ways to demonstrate your appreciation to this team member during a time of achievement. 

Quality time in the workplace can be expressed by dedicating undistracted time with a team member. Scheduling One-on-One meetings or group outings can help build the morale of your team and is an excellent way to express your appreciation to this team member. For individuals with this language of appreciation it is important to feel connected and engaged with their team.

Physical touch in the workplace must be carefully considered but it is also important to not completely dismiss because we can be missing out on an opportunity to express gratitude in a team member's language of appreciation. A simple handshake or hug can be a welcoming gesture of appreciation for your team member after a work presentation or a stressful day. Always check beforehand with team members to ensure they are comfortable with this expression of appreciation.


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