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Tip 120: Practicing Gratitude

Leaders have been constantly challenged this past year, faced with so much ambiguity and uncertainty. In times like these, resiliency becomes an increasingly critical skill. How can leaders continue to build resilience by practicing gratitude?

Studies show the link between gratitude and increased happiness and good health. And even when our environment encourages us to push forward, it is critical to take moments for reflection and gratitude. So how does this show up in your work?

  • Intentionally, take time each day to reflect on what you are grateful for.

  • Dedicate time to recognize and thank team members with specific work examples.

  • Encourage your team to prioritize relationships and wellbeing during this time.

  • Express gratitude spontaneously and frequently. Speak from the heart.

  • Be honest about the appreciation you value hearing from others.

Practicing gratitude is an integral part of helping leaders move forward.

For more ideas, watch this Ted Talk by Laura Trice, “Remember to Say Thank You.”


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