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Tip 137: 10 Tips for Better Virtual Meetings

Wayne Turmel, co-founder of Remote Leadership Institute, share a simple lost of 10 things leaders can do to make virtual meetings more effective and engaging.

  1. Clearly identify your objectives and outcome.

  2. Learn and use the features of your meeting platform to help achieve your goals.

  3. Create an agenda, including logistics, purpose, outcome, expectations, and resources.

  4. Open the meeting by restating the objective, outcome, and expectations.

  5. Team members should be unmuted upon entry.

  6. Build in interactions and engagement. Think outside the box and include variety.

  7. Provide time for reflections, input, and responses.

  8. Solicit the help of the team to make the meeting work.

  9. Ask questions to encourage participant from all team members.

  10. Follow up, making sure expectations are clear for a successful “next” meeting.

As Turmel states, “Think leadership first, location second.” Consider what would make your meeting great, and then ask, “How can we do that virtually?”

View Turmel’s article in its entirety.


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