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Tip 143: Conversational Intelligence

In the article, Conversational Intelligence for Coaches and Leaders, Linda Dausend, a senior consultant at Flashpoint, reflects on how conversational intelligence creates an environment and level of trust that can lead to extraordinary results.

Establishing a high level of trust in relationships is foundational for any leader. Without trust, leaders have little ability to influence the actions of others and lead to extraordinary outcomes. While intelligence is an important characteristic of successful leaders, it alone does not create trust.

Dausend defines conversational intelligence as “the hardwired ability in all humans to connect, engage, and navigate with others.” It is the collaborative ability to express thoughts, observations, and opinions and is different from other types of intelligence because it is less “I-centric” and more “we-centric.” According to Dausend, “It is the single and most important intelligence that gets better when we do it together.”

Read Linda Dausend’s full article for more information.