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Tip 148: Helping Leaders Feel More Engaged and Connected

Employee engagement can be defined as the “the positive emotional connection an employee has to their work and in their workplace.” More than that, it is also an employee’s belief in the goals, purpose, and mission of the work they do. With management and credibility cited as a critical factor in connection, Kouzes and Posner, authors of The Leadership Challenge, state, “If we don’t believe the messenger, we won’t believe in the message.”

To help employees feel more engaged and connected, consider these five (5) behaviors that effective leader’s model for their teams.

  1. Show-and tell-your team their work matters.

  2. Enable your team to feel more empowered and effective.

  3. Encourage innovation on the team.

  4. Encourage job growth.

  5. Stretch yourself to be the leader that they want to support and willingly follow.

To read this article in full, written by Lauren Parkhill, view the link below.


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