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Tip 150: The “Fair” Process to Make Better Decisions

The Fair Process is a decision-making approach, giving those who would be most impacted by the decision a chance to help shape it. The acronym FAIR identifies four steps in the fair process: Frame, Ask, Inform, and Revisit.

  • Frame your decision.

  • Ask for and engage with input.

  • Inform and explain your decision.

  • Revisit the decision-making process.

This process works well when many people or teams will be impacted by the decision; when there are equity and inclusion implications; when multiple solutions are presented; and when constraints require creative problem solving. The Fair Process builds relationships and trust in management, as many perspectives lead to more creative solutions. Providing a forum to be heard and making the decision process fair-minded, shortens the distance people will have to travel to align to and/or embrace the decision.

For more information on the Fair Decision-Making Process, view the article from the Management Center.


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