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Tip 153: Sharing Leadership

Leadership is not a secret, and neither is the success of leadership programs within an organization. Inviting others to understand the “power of leadership” accelerates the growth of our potential leaders, as well as the achievements of organizational goals. Bringing people along and sharing leadership helps coworkers and team members understand why leadership is beneficial for their departments, as well as reinforces its importance to our stakeholders and decision-makers.

What can you do to share leadership in your organization?

  • Tell stories about how something worked- or didn’t work.

  • Engage senior leaders by asking them to share leadership philosophies and initiatives.

  • Explore innovative ideas to discover what might be missing in the development process.

  • Ask others to share so you can pull from experiences, knowledge, expertise, and talent.

  • Do your research to find programs to implement that tie to your goals and purpose.

Communicate the success of leadership opportunities and programs, making others aware of the power of leadership.


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