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Tip 154: Performance Development

Performance development is strengths-based and engagement-focused, communicated with core coaching components. It is about more than just having frequent conversations with employees and discussing work tasks; it is authentically connecting with employees through effective people skills and individualized consideration.

The core components of the Performance Development Cycle are:

  • Establish Expectations

  • Continually Coach

  • Create Accountability

When employee engagement becomes strengths-based and engagement-focused, managers move beyond the role of “task manager” and into the role of “performance coach.” Strengths-based coaching teaches managers to understand how their employees are innately wired to think, as well as identify what they naturally do best in their role. Engagement-focused development teaches managers to understand their employees’ performance needs and barriers to success. Only through an appreciation of both, who employees are as people and what they need to be engaged, can a manager effectively work with them to be their best.

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