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Tip 163: Build Care Into Your Management Strategy

Engagement – not pay – spurs people to go the extra mile and give their best. It creates commitment, regardless of work location. Human connection between employee and manager also drives engagement. In today’s reality, managers need to be equipped to develop and coach remote workers to avoid the disengagement of their team members.

How can managers help employees feel that they are part of and valuable to the organization? The key is to build individualized and genuine relationships with team members by accomplishing the following:

  • Setting clear expectations

  • Having frequent and ongoing coaching conversations

  • Holding people accountable for their performance

People need to feel cared for, reflective of manager-employee relationships that resemble a cultural ecosystem that pays attention to a person’s wellbeing because it impacts and influences not only the work, but the worker. When managers care about the employee as a whole person, it actively invites employee input and allows people to feel like they are part of the organization. These qualities are as necessary in a hybrid situation as they are in the traditional workplace.


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