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Tip 175 - Interpersonal Proficiency Coaching Competency 1: Using Observation and Intuition

Effective coaches use their heightened levels of awareness to observe and “read the energy of their leader” during coaching conversations. To do this, coaches are mindful of the signs that define their leader’s energy—what is spoken, what is not spoken, body language, and mannerisms. They take in signs for reading the situations and person to help determine whether the leader has had a good day, is fully open with them, is comfortable with the objectives that have been established, is trusting, and/or is ready for coaching.

In combination with observation, coaches use their intuition to understand circumstances and scenarios without any physical rationale. Successful coaches are in-tune with their leader through a feeling, hunch, cue, or subtle hint from a well-tuned intuition that serves them to understand the leader better and build a stronger relationship.


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