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Tip 176 - Interpersonal Proficiency Coaching Competency 2: Being Aware and Open

Leaders have many aspects to their lives. They have their own employees, team members, supervisors, families, responsibilities, and many other things that make them who they are. They do not work in a coach’s vacuum. As the coach, it is important to consider the entire leader—the whole person. You may be coaching leaders to Challenge the Process, but they have their own challenging processes at work, home, and within their communities. Although you are coaching them to Model the Way for their employees and team members, remember to consider how their supervisors may be Modeling the Way.

As coaches, we may see leaders in their one-dimensional world of work. To be effective as a coach, learn to incorporate your leader’s entire life into the coaching efforts. That doesn’t mean to pry into personal-life situations, but it is helpful to know how and when to provide them with skills to address stress, time management, wellbeing, etc., whether at work or at home. It is a benefit to know whether your leader is aligned and balanced in all aspects of their life. Your impact and results will be better and longer lasting.


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