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Tip 190 - Inspiring Action 1: A Leader’s Readiness for Coaching

How do you know if a leader is ready for coaching? Ask the following questions:

  • How does the leader reply to feedback?

  • How does the leader respond to your ideas?

  • How interested does the leader appear when you discuss changing behaviors?

  • How does the leader reply when you ask about objectives and development?

  • How does the leader act when you bring up leadership areas that need improvement?

  • How willing is the leader to learn?

If leaders are positive, open to new ideas, excited about learning, and recognize the gift of feedback, they are ready for coaching. The last question is typically the key to a leader’s success. Studies show a positive correlation between learning and leading. The more we seek to learn, the better we become at leading.

As well, if leaders are defensive, make excuses, reluctant to discuss other thoughts or ideas, or hard to schedule time with, they are most likely not ready for coaching.

You can prepare leaders for coaching and need to determine the time and resources to invest in coaching leaders.


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