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Tip 193 - Inspiring Action 4: Sustain Leaders During Setbacks

Sustaining leaders during stressful periods and times of challenge means showing your support and making yourself available to help them see overwhelming tasks as manageable smaller tasks. That may be all the support they need. In other situations, you can help navigate through the inner workings, special procedures, and politics of the organization to help decipher the unwritten structures and “way things are done.” Insider knowledge is acquired over a period of time, and the behind-the-scenes dynamics is not always apparent but crucial to know.

Coaches also help leaders navigate the waters of change. Dealing with turmoil, downsizing, rapidly changing missions, and organizational structures are issues of great concern to a leader. Even though the leader may see these changes as setbacks, coaches help reframe the changes as ongoing shifts. It is important to continue holding leaders accountable even during times of challenge, making the point that these are all part of an organization’s life cycle.


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