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Tip 197 - Facilitate the Coaching Process 3: Monitor and Accountability

Monitoring and holding leaders accountable are the biggest issues faced by coaches. Consider using an action plan with the leader and then breaking down actions into small steps. The best way to assure goals are reached is to help the leader outline specific actions they want to take to achieve them. Plan each action with steps and due dates, giving the leader a roadmap to stay on track to achieving results.

For example, if the leader wants to find opportunities to lead a team, consider breaking the goal into smaller steps:

  • Who does the leader need to talk with?

  • When can they schedule a time to meet with that person?

  • Discuss what opportunities are available for leading a team.

  • Evaluate the opportunities. Identify the team and project the leader is most qualified to lead.

  • Develop a plan and a timeline. Present this plan to a supervisor.

As well, identify how the leader can build learning into each step. This may seem like excessive planning, but when the leader completes each step, it builds momentum and provides a feeling of success.


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