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Tip 199 - Coaching Competencies Summary

Coaches are living examples of the values, ethics, and professional practices of the coaching profession. For this reason, coaches must be aware of how you come across to leaders. Leaders learn a great deal about their coach while observing how they handle situations, conversations, conflicts, engagement, and relationships with others. Strive for a positive attitude and high standards of professionalism, giving the leader an opportunity to learn the positive qualities of an exceptional and experienced coach. Demonstrate to leaders what you do and what you will do to fulfill the requirement of your coaching agreement.

Coaches have many competencies, techniques, strategies, and thought-provoking questions for reflection and suggested implementation. Be mindful that you will not be able to do everything with each leader. The most important part of coaching is dependent on building a relationship for successful results. Learning is a life-long process, and coaching can help leaders put passion and engagement back into their careers and their work with teams and colleagues. Coaching is an investment, for both the coach and the leader.


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