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Tip 202 - Practicing Empathy

How can we quiet our minds and be present in the moment, both for ourselves and for our team members? Consider these strategies to practice empathy for those moments that can be viewed as negative and/or unpleasant.

1. Take notes to calm the mind and ensure presence in the moment. This may help organize challenges, issues, emotions, fears, and possible solutions and ideas. Reflect, listen, and categorize yours and/or other’s comments and thoughts. Taking notes helps to remember what is relevant in the moment.

2. Ask questions and be curious. Seek to understand your experiences or those of your team member. Reflect on what is being shared without inserting judgment. Identify any assumptions and turn to wonder.

3. Discover connections in stories and experiences. Lean into the ties that bind us to ourselves and to others so we can find ways forward. Consider the promise in a future of connections versus divisions.