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Tip 203 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

Gallup has been studying questions related to diversity of various kinds for decades. They have measured how employees of different demographic groups experience the workplace and identified that specific experiences impact engagement, retention, wellbeing, and perceptions of team members and employers.

Their research acknowledged that to make real progress for DEI, organizations must make changes that are seen, felt, believed, and trusted by individuals across the organization. Employees need to have certainty that their leaders are fair, equitable, and inclusive in order for behaviors and performance to change. Employees are at the heart of authentic cultural transformation.

In the big picture, DEI is not about research or good intentions. Transformation requires decisions and actions to change the way “business is done” in order to improve the lives of those who have been historically marginalized. Meaningful improvements require leaders to integrate DEI initiatives with belief in the power and talents of their human potential, as well as their commitment to the mission, culture, and values of their organization.

The follow four Leadership Tips will explore four key questions for consideration to help build an effective, long-term DEI strategy:

  • What is your commitment?

  • What changes will you make?

  • How will you track progress?

  • How will you sustain progress?


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