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Tip 204 - DEI Consideration 1: “What is Your Commitment”?

Before deciding which DEI decisions to make or implement, there must be a clear understanding and diagnose of your organization’s baseline. Many times, organizational programs target only certain aspects of the workplace and ignore others. This results with employees feeling confused and frustrated when DEI-related considerations are not addressed at team levels.

As you craft your DEI programs, consider the following:

  • Address the D, the E, and the I. Isolating each pillar could undermine progress in any one element.

  • Create buy-in through aligned culture and values. Demonstrating what is communicated creates authenticity and meaning.

  • Implement broad and targeted DEI initiatives. Emphasize inclusion for everyone with initiatives that address specific needs and experiences of specific groups of people.

  • Local needs for DEI strategies. Collaborate with local leaders, managers, and employees to ensure strategies target the needs and concerns most relevant to the population.


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