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Tip 207 - DEI Consideration 4: “How Will You Sustain Progress”?

As DEI initiatives are progressing, be mindful of two perceptions that can lead to apathy and/or disengagement around DEI movement.

  • Some employees may feel like there has been a lot of change within the organization, when actually, very little has changed.

  • Some employees may feel like nothing has changed, simply because they are unaware of what has been happening throughout the organization.

Employee awareness is powerful, igniting the recognition of changes that have happened and creating motivations for further change. Reflect on the following when considering how to sustain DEI initiatives:

  • Seeing is believing. Employees need to see and experience progress.

  • Communication is key. Discussing successes and wins identifies that progress is being made.

  • Champions are essential. Partner with employees, managers, and other leaders who are invested in and positively impacted by the organization’s DEI initiatives.


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