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Tip 212 - Adversity to Opportunity: Part 2

Resilient leaders demonstrate emotional strength and courage, projecting a positive outlook toward a shared vision. This leadership tip builds on last week, identifying strategies four through six for overcoming uncertainty and fear of achieving our best.

4. Take charge of the change you are facing.

Crisis requires us to be resilient, creative, and innovative—exploring new ways and different paths with a little extra effort.

  • How can I influence positive outcomes?

  • What are the little things I can do to get moving in the right direction?

5. Engage others.

Cooperative behaviors impact what others do. Leaders model the way of kindness, respect, hope, empathy, and encouragement.

  • How can I strengthen my relationships with others?

  • Who can I turn to for support?

6. Show you care.

Compassionate conversations elevate community. Show gratitude, express empathy, and celebrate accomplishments.

  • How can I demonstrate empathy and show people I care?

  • How am I modeling the importance of wellbeing?

When leaders have the perseverance to keep going in tough times, they are better able to transform crisis into breakthroughs and accomplish a lot with very little.


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