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Tip 213 - Increase Resiliency

Leadership is a continuous process, and great leaders are learners and resourceful. Our resilience has been tested in our homes, with our teams, and throughout our organizations. As you continue to adapt in challenging times, consider the Center for Creative Leadership’s four ways to help increase your resiliency as a leader.

1. Reframe how you think.

Examine the situation from a different perspective and consider what else could be going on.

2. Get some sleep.

Give your brain the chance to process the day’s experiences to prepare yourself for tomorrow’s challenges.

3. Find a substitute for sleep.

Pause briefly throughout the day to restore yourself. Take a short nap, a walk, or a break to practice yoga or meditate.

4. Explore the power of positivity.

Look for the good in a situation to be better able to recover from setbacks and think more broadly.

Reflect on your core values. Personal values and shared team values serve as beacons that point us in the right direction. Choosing to live consistently and intentionally with our values continue to shift the dynamic from dysfunctional to functional, making us and our teams stronger and more resilient.


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