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Tip 214 - Resilient Practices: Part 1

Let’s review four of the eight resilient leadership practices that help to make leaders happier, adaptable, and more future-ready.

1. Develop and nurture a broad network of personal and professional relationships. These relationships create a strong base of support, which is a critical element in achieving goals, working through hardships, and developing perspective.

2. Be intentional about setting aside time to contact your connections. Socialization outside of work conference calls is important and should be part of daily routines.

3. Regular exercise not only lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, but it also improves your ability to process stress and increase resilience. Learn more about how exercise is linked to leadership effectiveness.

4. Detach from work and being readily available to others after hours. Strive for the recommended seven-to-eight hours of sleep each night—which is proven to strengthen resilient leadership. Learn more about how sleep makes you a stronger leader.

The four remaining resilient leadership practices will be discussed in next week’s leadership tip.