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Tip 218 - Crafting Your Leadership Philosophy Statement

Consider these steps when writing your leadership philosophy statement.

1. Know your leadership style.

How do you intend to lead? Consistency is key as a leader. It is important to know if you want team input or intend to work independently. Your team needs to know what to expect from you.

2. Identify role models.

What do the leaders you look up to identify as values? Consider using a few of their goals, methods, and/or processes in your statement.

3. Determine your goals.

Establish your goals as a leader so your action items tie directly to your success.

4. Reflect on your past.

What leadership successes have you had in the past? What leadership practices do you respect from other leaders? Use this information to help form your own leadership practices.

5. Ask questions.

Establish your leadership framework. Ask yourself questions about what you believe and what you expect from your team.

6. Talk with your team.

Consider asking your team for input through an anonymous survey. What do they like about your leadership style and what could you improve? This will shape your successful philosophy.

7. Make it actionable.

Be sure your philosophy guides your daily actions and decision making. Keep the language clear and actionable.


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